*It takes almost two years for a service dog to complete its training and become certified. It costs $/€15,200 of fundraised money for a family to get a service dog. It is always required to train a replacement dog, in the event that the service dog in training does not get certified for whatever reason. This means that for the organisation, the cost per case is double than the amount mentioned above.

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Donations accepted in the account of the non profit organization kept in Piraeus Bank,Thessaloniki, Greece

Branch: 31 Smirnis Str. & 3 Hydras Square, 55132 Kalamaria, Thessaloniki

Name: NINA SERVICE DOGS (NINA ΣΚΥΛΟΙ ΒΟΗΘΟΙ) Smirnis 25, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki 55132

Euro A/C No  5266-082530-264

Euro A/C IBAN GR70 0172 2660 0052 6608 2530 264

Piraeus Bank Greece  SWIFT - BIC: PIRBGRAA

Donations via cheque can be sent to the Nina Service Dogs office:

Elena Palagka

1 Glifadas Str.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Post Code: 54250