Pet Bereavement

Losing any pet is a real loss and brings grief to the owner and the wider whole family. For some pet owners, it can be compared to the loss of a person and in this case it makes it even more difficult to overcome. If we consider that the loss of a normal pet brings such sorrow, we can all understand that in the case of a service assistance dog, the loss can become a real problem for the child with the disability and its family.

In hindsight, the Nina Service Dogs organization managed to find solutions in order to make it easier to be overcome. Trainer Elena Palagka has invested a lot of time attending courses on pet bereavement and is a certified counselor. Through numerous workshops she has obtained the skills, which will make her capable of helping children and their families in the event such a misfortune takes place. A prompt and effective preparation is needed in order for the child and the family to be able to deal with it and to accept it. The involvement of the organization in this very sensitive situation, can help soften the pain with proper preparation of the child with disabilities and of his/her family, basing each case on specialized studies and proper consultations.

  Elena Palagka, Nina Service Dogs