Management of Nina Service Dogs

Eleni Palagka, Founder of «Nina Service dogs» non-profit organization, partner, director, trainer

Eleni Palagka is a professional dog trainer, specialized in service dog training for children and adults with visible and non-visible disabilities. Additionally she is a certified dog groomer and a pet bereavement counselor, with studies in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Greece. Her studies in the dog training sector started during her high school years in Wisconsin, USA, receiving her first certificate from J&K Nine Academy of Dog Training. The same year, she received Dog's Groomer Diploma from the Academy of Dog Grooming Arts in Chicago, Illinois.

Moving on to more specialized training, she received a Master Trainer certificate from the National K9 school for dog trainers, accredited by the State of Ohio in Columbus, Ohio. Her specialized training in the field of service dogs took place at 4 Paws for Ability; a non profit organization, which provides service dogs to children with disabilities and veterans worldwide and is located in Xenia, Ohio. At 4 Paws, she also obtained all the necessary certifications and accreditation completing her internship.

In addition to the above, over the years she has attended numerous seminars, in order to enrich her knowledge in the training of dogs. Since 2015 she has been the founder of the non profit organization Nina Service Dogs based in Greece, which provides service dogs mainly to children and occasionally to adults with disabilities in Greece, Cyprus, the wider Balkan region and all over continental Europe.

Eirini Papadopoulou, partner, administrator, public relations, communication

With over 35 years of working experience, mainly in the banking sector but also in real estate. A journey full of opportunities, excitement, discoveries, surprises, success, working with many professionals all over the world.

Irene's strengths are the strong will to practise and apply knowledge and experience in new challenges and opportunities and the strong communication and marketing skills. Very successful management, having managed successfully over 2.000 employees in numerous countries and of different backgrounds. In regards to handling projects requiring international travelling and relocations, she proved to be mobile, eager andadjustable.

Irene believes that the secret to success is the appropriate, honest and transparent communication with employees, colleagues, customers and the charisma of strong communication skills and public relations. Irene is one the founders, an administrator, a sponsor and volunteer, offering a lot of her personal time to the non profit organization Nina Service Dogs, which develops service dogs for children with visible and non-visible disabilities.

Scientific Committee and Consultants/Advisors of Nina Service Dogs

Vassilis Bouloukos, Pathologist, Thessaloniki
Stergios Metsovitis, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Thessaloniki
Dimitris Pitelis, General Medicine, Thessaloniki
Katerina Faltsi, Veterinarian, Thessaloniki
Dionysia Papapouliou, Speech therapist, Volos
Kleio Apostolaki, Psychologist, Sessions with dolphins, Crete
Katerina Rokou, Psychologist, Sessions with horses, Thessaloniki
Galini Chita, Pharmacist, Arta
Anastasia Iordanou, Pharmacist – Thessaloniki
Elias Ioakimidis, Accountant, Thessaloniki
Eva Karagianni, Lawyer, Thessaloniki
Nikos Papadopoulos, Lawyer, Thessaloniki
Nikolaos Manomenidis, President of EPPA, President of CEREAN
Karen Shirk, 4 Paws for Ability organization, Founder, Ohio US
Danae Koumbouli, Banker, Athens
Mihalis Palagkas, Website Admin. Website services and translation coordination.
Kim-Kim Bui, International research.