Mission, Vision and Values

We are a non profit organization, which trains and provides service dogs to children with visible and non visible disabilities. On occasion, we also provide service dogs for adults with disabilities and elderly people with dementia. We also provide highly task trained session service dogs for individuals for group sessions. Areas covered: Greece, Cyprus, the Balkan region and wider Europe.


To train and provide service dogs to children with visible and non visible disabilities, to elderly people with dementia and exceptionally for adults. Also to provide session service dogs for personal and group sessions. 


To improve the quality of life of children, adults and elderly people and their families.


We strive to integrate these core values in every aspect of our service:

Education: We work to educate the people of Greece about this alternative option of helping to improve the lives of children, adults and elderly people with disabilities. We want to build this value starting with the youngest generation so that they understand the value of animals and the importance of service dogs..

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Compassion: We want the children, adults and elderly people with disabilities to live a life which is as normal as possible. They have the same rights as all people, and through the service dogs, we want them to feel and recognise this. 

Confidence: Service dogs instill confidence in the children. It teaches them what they're capable of, and helps them with their social abilities. We have found that when the children have service dogs, they are prouder, more active, and more willing to participate in activities with their peers. 

Friendship: The dog will become the child's new best friend and confidant. More than this, the dog will help the child step out of their comfort zone and create new friendships.